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  • Chocolates

    Dark Chocolate Coated Cashews


    Our dark chocolates cashews are power-pack jumbo cashews , which are all the way from Goa covered with the delicious dark chocolate. And it make it the ultimate snack of all time. It comes packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and heart-friendly fats from both the super-food, on its own right.

  • Chocolates

    Milk Chocolate Coated Cashews


    We are here to take care of your cashew love and bring you milk chocolate-covered cashews. Roasted, Whole all the way from Goa, cover in our fine milk chocolate will surely satisfy the taste buds that you are longing for. Cashews are power-packed little wonders, full of protein, fiber and the good mono saturated fat believed to protect your heart.

    This are great to have any time and any where.


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